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Refund Policy

Best Assignment Help has been working in the online writing industry since 2006 that accepts all types of assignments on any typical topic and for any academic standard. The Company has professionals who prepare assignments always focus on quality. However, in case if you are not sure and dissatisfied about the paper’s quality, Best Assignment Help is responsible for issuing a complete refund to the client.

Bet Assignment Help suggests clients to thoroughly review the following Refund Policy of the Company:

In case if you are dissatisfied and feel that you received a low quality assignment or the assignment doesn’t meet your given guidelines, you can file a comprehensive complaint in the written format regarding the issue via mail. Your complaint will be taken seriously by Best Assignment Help and the Company will then either:

  • Assign a different relevant academic writer to revise your assignment
  • Issue a complete refund / money back to you
  • Issue a complete refund / money back to you
  • We do not guarantee any grade. No refunds shall be issued based on low or fail grade.


Best Assignment Help will not consider the refund claims in case there will be minorissues, like a minor delay in the delivery process or trivialmistakes in an assignment.


  • The clients will be responsible to first communicate with Best Assignment Help instead of the intermediary in case if he or she is not satisfied with the delivered assignment.
  • In case if the dispute will not be resolved between Best Assignment Help and the client within the specified time period of 2 weeks, the client can go to any third party for intermediary.
  • If Best Assignment Help observes a conflict of interest from the client’s end, the Company will take immediate actions to tackle the matter as per the Company’s policy.
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