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How to Write an Effective Conclusion in Your Assignment?

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In schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutes, students are given variety of tasks and one of them is writing assignment. To pen something in a proper manner is surely a difficult thing to do because it requires lots of time, efforts and skills. Furthermore, when writing on a topic, conclusion is the final and the most important part to define whole topic briefly. Therefore, it is very important to give a clear and readable conclusion. Most of the writers believe that final words of any piece of writing show the skills and expertise of writers because just in few lines, he has to explain everything.

General Advice to Create a Conclusion

If you are trying to write an interesting conclusion of your college assignment, it must have relevancy with the above discussed content or else contradictory points can give the impression that you have poor skills of writing. However, you must keep in mind that concluding part is not just a summary of the points of your thesis that you can repeat. Instead, you should always use fresh content to joggle readers mind.

In entire paper, you need to follow a critical approach and the same is to be used for the conclusion which should be the reflection of importance of what you have already written in above paragraphs. Try to bring some even more effective thoughts to support your arguments. In addition to this, if you can include a powerful last sentence, that would be really great because this will leave a truly strong impression on your reader who will keep thinking about it later.

Important Points to Remember

A Well Written final paragraph is the soul of your assignment and if it is meaningful and to the point, marks will be added to your result. However, there are some important points to remember which are as follow:

1: Summarizing Properly

In writing an interesting conclusion you need to use a very short summary. Give the essence of the every paragraph in short and discuss them to the point. When writers don’t summarize the main points of the assignment, they miss out the most important part of their assignment.

2: Asking Questions

Some writers don’t feel like expressing provocative questions in the last paragraph of assignment which does not let you make an effective conclusion. On the other hand, asking a question is good source to end an article as it makes reader stick to the topic.

3: Suggest Consequence

Before you end up your assignment, include the importance of it as a whole, but make sure not to compose a big paragraph since writing briefly will be good enough to save readers’ time as they will get the main point.

4: Giving a Warning at the End

You need to bear in mind that evoking a bright image can increase the interest of readers. When ending your article, give warning to the readers if your scripture is based on instructing or spreading awareness.

Points That You Must Avoid

To write the right and easily understandable conclusion, writer should avoid some doings.

  • If you end up your assignment with repeated phrases or words, it will not be in the list of perfectly written conclusions and that is why you should stay away from the practice of rephrased statement.
  • Avoid using harsh words and informal vocabulary because keeping off these all harsh words and offensiveness in your assignment will be really effective for you and checker will give you marks.
  • You have many points in your assignments; here you need not to focus on all minor ideas and subheadings. Finally, shortly highlight the main points.

Final Words

The concluding part of your assignment works as the mirror of entire paper and here you need to create curiosity in the mind of your readers to read more about it but off course, they should feel that they have really learnt something new from your paper.