How to Format Your College Assignment Accurately?

college assignmentA dream for every good student is to pass the exams with flying colors. There are various steps involved in examination sessions for grading the student’s caliber and one of them is the ASSIGNMENT. To present a conceptual, concise, informative, original and technical writing of the learning session is an art and the student must be aware of the following guidelines in order to get full marks and comments from their teachers.

Main Parts of the Assignment

Hope that most of the points are familiar to you but in the form of written bullets, you may have wider and broader scope and awareness. The very first and top priority should be given below points as these will add significance to your paper. These are as follow:

  • Cover page
  • Binding
  • Color Scheming
  • Title
  • Personal Information: Name, Class, section
  • Topic
  • Instructor details

Body of the Assignment

After careful consideration of above, now the body of the assignment comes which should comprise the following:

  • Composition
  • Facts and figures
  • Critical Analysis

All of these three points are expanded blow to help you have clear understanding on how you can format your assignment perfectly.

1: Composition:

This is the first part of the assignment including the outline, introduction, aims and scope and the background:

  • Outline: The outline covers the points which will be covered in assignment, the time lines, the organization and the total word counts allocated for different sections.
  • Introduction: It must contain the clear objective and purpose of writing, the organization and should not be more than 2 paragraphs.
  • Coherence of Ideas: There should be coherence in different ideas and sentences, and there must be a connection between the two paragraphs.
  • Neutral Observations: The ideas presented in an assignment should be unbiased, without any partiality and any personal discussion. Use always the source as a reference instead of using I and me.
  • Bullets and numbering: To further clarify the points of discussion, bullets and numbering are suggested and increase the worth of the assignment.

2: Facts and Figures:

Use the figures and numbers in your assignment; include the schemes, tables, statistical analysis. This indicates that you have thorough knowledge of your subject of discussion. To emphasize on the practical impact of your topic, add the examples and illustrations as well.

  • Tables: Insert tables which will further elucidates and summarize the discussion in a more organized and fashionable manner.
  • Word Count: Do not exceed the total word count which has been allocated for your particular topic. Sometimes, a student during writing exceeds the total page limits during the continuity which will be one reason of negative markings. Be concise and subjective.
  • Headers and Footers: If the header and footer is given in the document, the traceability will be easier, the page numbers and students identification must be given.
  • Spacing: The lines spacing between the 2 sentences must be 1.5. There must be free line between two paragraphs.
  • Fonts: Kindly use font size of 11 and 12 and use black font.

3: Critical Analysis/ Ending Note:

The conclusion section states the repetition of Aims and Scope which will be followed by the summary and final comments.

  • References: The bibliography section must be included in the assignment. The Engineering based articles must be followed by IEEE and medical articles by Vancouver style.

Final Words

I have discussed each and every important point concisely and hopefully the information provided will assist you in presenting an Assignment to your supervisor which will definitely get you higher grades in your academic career.

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