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Having Good Experience with Roommates at College Hostel

Hostel life is a whole new experience for college students and surveys revealed that students claim to learn a lot of new things in life because of spending a few years of college in a hostel. Living away from home and specifically from parents eventually teaches a person lot of things that he would not have learn otherwise. The responsibility, diversity, budget-constrained life and self-dependence that students learn through hostel life turns out to be extremely helpful in future when students go further in academia and then into professional life.

However, the most crucial part of your entire hostel life is the new roommates you are assigned. It is not easy to adjust with someone you do not know at all and who might be from a completely different religious, ethnic and cultural background. Following are some tips that can help you eliminate any possible troubles with roommate(s) throughout the year:

Introduce Yourself Well as Soon as You Meet for The First Time:

Quite often, students are hesitant to have a proper introduction session with new roommate and just greet each other with a simple ‘hi’. This attitude of ‘minding your own business’ can actually turn out to be frustrating later on so the first thing to do is to know your roommate well. Know as much as possible about him and interact as many times as you can to develop understanding.

Give Some Time To Adjust:

Do not judge the attitude and personality of your roommate by the first impression. Some people need time to adjust in new environment and they may turn out to be completely different people later on once they get comfortable.

Develop Certain Rules:

Without being very formal, establish some rules that both of you can agree on. These may include anything from a specific time to switch off the lights to room cleaning responsibility. Do your part in following those rules strictly without expecting your roommate to do it first. This will eventually lead to an egoistic war and worsen your relation with roommate which you would not want because you might need help with assignment at some point!

Compromises Will Have To Be Made:

Since you are not renting the entire room alone, there will definitely be conflict of ideas and interests. If you are not willing to compromise under certain scenarios, it is best for you to arrange for a single occupancy accommodation. A slight willingness to compromise from both sides would be a highly successful strategy to spend a good academic year with someone you do not know. Not switching off lights on time for a few days due to roommate’s exams would not hurt you in any way!

Plan Things Together:

The more you both interact with each other in a pleasant way, the stronger the bond becomes and within a few weeks you will be like good friends living together. Watch some great movies, try cooking together and plan frequent hang outs to make this bond stronger. If you are not on good terms with each other, the entire year may be a poor experience and when you would require help with assignment, there would be no one willing to do so there and then.

Last Minute Tips Prior to Assignment Submission

After weeks and months of hard work and dedication, doctoral students complete their assignments. Writing a assignment is a huge challenge for students due to the fact that they are not used to such lengthy assignments and that too on one specific narrowed down topic. In return of that much of hard work and sacrifices, students expect a first or at least a second class degree but imagine receiving a lower grade just because you were unaware of some tips that are necessary to consider before submitting the assignment.

assignment writing tips
You may receive assignment help and guidance from several sources throughout the researching and writing phase, there are a few things that you should check before finally submitting the assignment. Following are some of them:

  • Proofreading: Although very obvious, proofreading the assignment is highly important because minor spelling and grammatical errors can cost you your grade. While writing, students are least concerned about these factors and hence it is a common practice to proofread the assignment once you are done with it completely. However, some students merely ‘waste’ their time by proofreading it twice. Expert academic writers and editors claim that it is highly unlikely that anyone would find any error in the second proofreading attempt and hence once before submission is enough.
  • Clarity of sentences: Going through the entire assignment in a few hours could be very challenging and therefore aim to complete your assignment well before the stipulated deadline. Read each and every sentence thoroughly, not to check whether or not the information is correct but to see if all the sentences make sense. Proofreading will not help in this regard and hence students sometimes end up writing unclear sentences which may lead to misinterpretation and eventually to a lower grade. This is because an ambiguously written sentence may demonstrate a completely different meaning than what you might want to deliver.
  • Focusing on quantitative data: While there is less chance of errors in qualitative information, you might want to revise the numbers and tables you included in the assignment. Surveys and questionnaires are unlikely to be wrong but there is a high probability of writing a wrong number or equation, especially the signs of negative and positive. Therefore, it is advised to go through them again so that you can make corrections if there are any mistakes.
  • Page number counts: In an attempt to write an outstanding and error-free assignment, students often forget to add page numbers even if they add an index page. This is a quite common mistake so check thoroughly if you have numbered all the pages in the assignment and have done so correctly. Wrongly numbered pages can also create some confusion and graders might not tolerate such confusions since they have to go through so many more assignments.
  • Proper binding is safe: A day or two before submission check that the assignment is properly compiled and bound strongly so that none of the pages get misplaced under any circumstance. If this happens, the student stands responsible for losing the grade he actually deserved.
  • Going through institution requirements: Finally when assignment is completed and all the above tips have been taken into consideration and implemented, make sure you have everything that your institution requires along with the assignment. This may include some forms and checklists.

So if students keep these tips in mind prior to submission, they would not need any assignment help and would receive a decent grade on their degree.

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What are the 5 desirable advantages of assignment writing?

In the area of an academic education, one could perceive the importance of developing assignments because assignments are assumed as efficient ways of producing the desired outcomes. This statement has to be comprehended in a detailed manner due to its importance. When it comes to thinking about 5 desirable or required advantages, first of all, there is need of understanding the process of assignment writing. This is because of the fact that assignment writing is the most productive way of teaching new concepts and notions regarding any topic.

Considering these attributes and other assumptions, there are some students who are able enough to provide assignment assistance to other students. These students are also committed to giving assignment help to different students who are studying in various universities of the world. This kind of service is being provided by means of using social media and other online mediums in recent times. Therefore, those students who lack the traits of writing assignments are encouraged to analyze and consider these advantages so that they could understand the phenomenon of assignments to a considerable level. These advantages are provided as follows:

  1. Provide awareness and knowledge about the topic

The importance of assignments can be observed in such a manner that teachers ask students to complete different kinds of assignment activities. This is the way through which students are able to attain meaningful insights and informative concepts about various topics in a great way. Therefore, students should write assignments in order to expand their horizons of learning.

  1. Writing skills are improved

Through the help of assignments, one could enhance his or her writing skills to a great extent; this is because of the reason that after developing different assignments students’ writing skills or abilities are improved to a sufficient level.

  1. Analytical abilities or cognitive abilities are also enhanced

There is no point of underestimating the significance of assignments as students are able to increase and improve their imaginative skills or mental abilities. Their thinking levels can be improved as well and at the same time assignments provide the opportunity of using brain and other innovative ideas to a considerable extent.

  1. Research traits are also enhanced

By means of assignments, students will learn the habit of exploring different assumptions and examples about the topic. In this manner, students will be able to conduct research in a detailed manner and, as a result, their research abilities will be improved.  These research skills will surely provide benefits and advantages to students in their professional lives.

  1. Application of real life examples improves learning

This aspect must be taken into consideration as assignments provide opportunities to students so that they can apply and correlate different real life examples with the topic. This is the way that helps students to learn and acquire new levels of learning every time they are involved in writing a new assignment.

Final Thoughts

The practice of assignment writing needs to be assumed as an art because of the fact that it takes courage and lot of hard work in delivering or completing the best piece of writing. The more students are encouraged to write, the more they will become an expert after some time. Therefore, the importance of writing assignments in the field of higher education cannot be overlooked in any way. This is because of the reason that assignments are helpful in providing awareness and knowledge regarding the topic to a certain extent.

How to Write an Effective Conclusion in Your Assignment?

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In schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutes, students are given variety of tasks and one of them is writing assignment. To pen something in a proper manner is surely a difficult thing to do because it requires lots of time, efforts and skills. Furthermore, when writing on a topic, conclusion is the final and the most important part to define whole topic briefly. Therefore, it is very important to give a clear and readable conclusion. Most of the writers believe that final words of any piece of writing show the skills and expertise of writers because just in few lines, he has to explain everything.

General Advice to Create a Conclusion

If you are trying to write an interesting conclusion of your college assignment, it must have relevancy with the above discussed content or else contradictory points can give the impression that you have poor skills of writing. However, you must keep in mind that concluding part is not just a summary of the points of your thesis that you can repeat. Instead, you should always use fresh content to joggle readers mind.

In entire paper, you need to follow a critical approach and the same is to be used for the conclusion which should be the reflection of importance of what you have already written in above paragraphs. Try to bring some even more effective thoughts to support your arguments. In addition to this, if you can include a powerful last sentence, that would be really great because this will leave a truly strong impression on your reader who will keep thinking about it later.

Important Points to Remember

A Well Written final paragraph is the soul of your assignment and if it is meaningful and to the point, marks will be added to your result. However, there are some important points to remember which are as follow:

1: Summarizing Properly

In writing an interesting conclusion you need to use a very short summary. Give the essence of the every paragraph in short and discuss them to the point. When writers don’t summarize the main points of the assignment, they miss out the most important part of their assignment.

2: Asking Questions

Some writers don’t feel like expressing provocative questions in the last paragraph of assignment which does not let you make an effective conclusion. On the other hand, asking a question is good source to end an article as it makes reader stick to the topic.

3: Suggest Consequence

Before you end up your assignment, include the importance of it as a whole, but make sure not to compose a big paragraph since writing briefly will be good enough to save readers’ time as they will get the main point.

4: Giving a Warning at the End

You need to bear in mind that evoking a bright image can increase the interest of readers. When ending your article, give warning to the readers if your scripture is based on instructing or spreading awareness.

Points That You Must Avoid

To write the right and easily understandable conclusion, writer should avoid some doings.

  • If you end up your assignment with repeated phrases or words, it will not be in the list of perfectly written conclusions and that is why you should stay away from the practice of rephrased statement.
  • Avoid using harsh words and informal vocabulary because keeping off these all harsh words and offensiveness in your assignment will be really effective for you and checker will give you marks.
  • You have many points in your assignments; here you need not to focus on all minor ideas and subheadings. Finally, shortly highlight the main points.

Final Words

The concluding part of your assignment works as the mirror of entire paper and here you need to create curiosity in the mind of your readers to read more about it but off course, they should feel that they have really learnt something new from your paper.

How to Format Your College Assignment Accurately?

college assignmentA dream for every good student is to pass the exams with flying colors. There are various steps involved in examination sessions for grading the student’s caliber and one of them is the ASSIGNMENT. To present a conceptual, concise, informative, original and technical writing of the learning session is an art and the student must be aware of the following guidelines in order to get full marks and comments from their teachers.

Main Parts of the Assignment

Hope that most of the points are familiar to you but in the form of written bullets, you may have wider and broader scope and awareness. The very first and top priority should be given below points as these will add significance to your paper. These are as follow:

  • Cover page
  • Binding
  • Color Scheming
  • Title
  • Personal Information: Name, Class, section
  • Topic
  • Instructor details

Body of the Assignment

After careful consideration of above, now the body of the assignment comes which should comprise the following:

  • Composition
  • Facts and figures
  • Critical Analysis

All of these three points are expanded blow to help you have clear understanding on how you can format your assignment perfectly.

1: Composition:

This is the first part of the assignment including the outline, introduction, aims and scope and the background:

  • Outline: The outline covers the points which will be covered in assignment, the time lines, the organization and the total word counts allocated for different sections.
  • Introduction: It must contain the clear objective and purpose of writing, the organization and should not be more than 2 paragraphs.
  • Coherence of Ideas: There should be coherence in different ideas and sentences, and there must be a connection between the two paragraphs.
  • Neutral Observations: The ideas presented in an assignment should be unbiased, without any partiality and any personal discussion. Use always the source as a reference instead of using I and me.
  • Bullets and numbering: To further clarify the points of discussion, bullets and numbering are suggested and increase the worth of the assignment.

2: Facts and Figures:

Use the figures and numbers in your assignment; include the schemes, tables, statistical analysis. This indicates that you have thorough knowledge of your subject of discussion. To emphasize on the practical impact of your topic, add the examples and illustrations as well.

  • Tables: Insert tables which will further elucidates and summarize the discussion in a more organized and fashionable manner.
  • Word Count: Do not exceed the total word count which has been allocated for your particular topic. Sometimes, a student during writing exceeds the total page limits during the continuity which will be one reason of negative markings. Be concise and subjective.
  • Headers and Footers: If the header and footer is given in the document, the traceability will be easier, the page numbers and students identification must be given.
  • Spacing: The lines spacing between the 2 sentences must be 1.5. There must be free line between two paragraphs.
  • Fonts: Kindly use font size of 11 and 12 and use black font.

3: Critical Analysis/ Ending Note:

The conclusion section states the repetition of Aims and Scope which will be followed by the summary and final comments.

  • References: The bibliography section must be included in the assignment. The Engineering based articles must be followed by IEEE and medical articles by Vancouver style.

Final Words

I have discussed each and every important point concisely and hopefully the information provided will assist you in presenting an Assignment to your supervisor which will definitely get you higher grades in your academic career.