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Having Good Experience with Roommates at College Hostel

Hostel life is a whole new experience for college students and surveys revealed that students claim to learn a lot of new things in life because of spending a few years of college in a hostel. Living away from home and specifically from parents eventually teaches a person lot of things that he would not have learn otherwise. The responsibility, diversity, budget-constrained life and self-dependence that students learn through hostel life turns out to be extremely helpful in future when students go further in academia and then into professional life.

However, the most crucial part of your entire hostel life is the new roommates you are assigned. It is not easy to adjust with someone you do not know at all and who might be from a completely different religious, ethnic and cultural background. Following are some tips that can help you eliminate any possible troubles with roommate(s) throughout the year:

Introduce Yourself Well as Soon as You Meet for The First Time:

Quite often, students are hesitant to have a proper introduction session with new roommate and just greet each other with a simple ‘hi’. This attitude of ‘minding your own business’ can actually turn out to be frustrating later on so the first thing to do is to know your roommate well. Know as much as possible about him and interact as many times as you can to develop understanding.

Give Some Time To Adjust:

Do not judge the attitude and personality of your roommate by the first impression. Some people need time to adjust in new environment and they may turn out to be completely different people later on once they get comfortable.

Develop Certain Rules:

Without being very formal, establish some rules that both of you can agree on. These may include anything from a specific time to switch off the lights to room cleaning responsibility. Do your part in following those rules strictly without expecting your roommate to do it first. This will eventually lead to an egoistic war and worsen your relation with roommate which you would not want because you might need help with assignment at some point!

Compromises Will Have To Be Made:

Since you are not renting the entire room alone, there will definitely be conflict of ideas and interests. If you are not willing to compromise under certain scenarios, it is best for you to arrange for a single occupancy accommodation. A slight willingness to compromise from both sides would be a highly successful strategy to spend a good academic year with someone you do not know. Not switching off lights on time for a few days due to roommate’s exams would not hurt you in any way!

Plan Things Together:

The more you both interact with each other in a pleasant way, the stronger the bond becomes and within a few weeks you will be like good friends living together. Watch some great movies, try cooking together and plan frequent hang outs to make this bond stronger. If you are not on good terms with each other, the entire year may be a poor experience and when you would require help with assignment, there would be no one willing to do so there and then.